March 24, 2023 @ 5:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

Program Runtime: 90 min.

Brace yourself for the Dunwich Horrors, our collection of “homegrown” horror, and leave your delicate sensibilities behind. We’ve assembled a mind-shredding lineup of New England-created bursts of terror that will rattle you to the core, lovingly crafted by our intrepid regional creatives. From the quaint townships of Vermont, to the deep forests of Maine, no space is safe from the disturbing visions creeping across the screen. 

Our latest installment is a procession of faceless stalkers, insatiable predators, and creepy cultists-an eldritch parade fueled by unspeakable sights and sounds. Witness blood rituals, malicious mating, bestial entanglements, and other spine-chilling expressions of short-form terror, flavored with a heaping of BUFF-approved weirdness. Be warned: once you’ve been exposed to the dark underbelly of the nor’east, you’re forever tainted. 

– Chris Hallock


The Old God!

Samuel Carlson, USA, 2 min.

Get your mojo back, with a quick and easy sacrifice to the Old God!


Miriam Olken, USA, 6 min.

A couple touring their first home encounters an uncanny presence lurking on the property.

Dead Language

Erica Stockwell-Alpert, USA, 5 min.

A group of amateur cultists try to summon a demon.

Christmas Wrapping

Mike Canale, USA, 6 min.

A young man’s search for a nutcracker in his grandmother’s house goes terribly wrong.


Amber Chilton, USA, 12 min.

An alluring woman preys on the seemingly perfect denizens of a Maine community.

Last Train

Andrew Connelly, USA, 5 min.

A commuter waiting for the train gets more than he anticipated when he investigates a suspicious package in the trash.

Rest Stop

Eric Bielakiewicz, USA, 8 min.

After a long night of partying, a college student confronts a mysterious entity at a rest stop.


Alex DiVincenzo & Tj Frizzi, USA, 3 min.

An ordinary day becomes unsound, triggered by strange aural phenomena.


Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid, USA, 16 min.

A female chef’s attempts at romantic connection are thwarted by dark impulses.

The Watcher

Nathan Sellers, USA, 9 min.

The last remaining member of a small religious cult awaits the resurrection of recently departed disciples.

Skin & Bone

Eli Powers, USA, 17 min.

A drifter experiences haunting visions after taking a job on a secluded farm.