March 26, 2023 @ 11:30 am

Brattle Theatre

Do we even know who we are, or how to get out where we are right now? Maybe we’ll never find out on our own. These 8 short films vary significantly in subject and tone, yet all are connected by protagonists who desperately need to be seen, heard, and understood by another person — whether they realize it or not.

– Melinda Green, George Luke, Kevin Monahan


CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man

Brian Lonano, Blake Meyers, USA, 15 min.

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It Takes A Village

Glam Hag, USA, 8 min.

Rosemary’s Baby if Rosemary was surrounded by a super-supportive lady cult. Squad goals!

Pool Party

Ellie Stewart, Canada, 8 min.

Freya isn’t like the other girls. She’s only going to swim when she wants to go swimming.

Rhyme Or Die

Max Lincoln, UK, 11 min.

There can only be one winner in the ultimate freestyle rap battle.


Chelsea Lupkin, USA, 12 min.

Tell your loser shithead boyfriend to go f**k himself, get a big fat burger, and get home safely. Oh, and help out anyone who might need it along the way.


Fredrik S. Hana, Norway, 14 min.

A mesmerizing, genre-traipsing experimental meditation on what ensued when humans met aliens through a blessed union of found footage and practical FX.


Tito Fernandes, UK, 17 min.

A haunting, deeply powerful story of a woman who flees her abuser, only to become locked in a solitary battle with debilitating fear.

They Call It…Red Cemetary!

Francisco Lacerda, Portugal, 10 min.

Two outlaws cross paths amongst the crosses in the sweltering Azores. Who will make it out alive?