New England Premiere

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2022 • New Zealand • 96 min.

Director: David Farrier

March 24, 2023 @ 7:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

Director David Farrier took us to the edge of sanity with his previous documentary ‘TICKLED,’ which found something sinister behind the curtain of a tickling competition and its organizer. However, with ‘MISTER ORGAN’ he takes us over the edge as he once again faces a human being who seems to contain a darkness within them that engulfs anyone that enters their orbit.

What starts as a story surrounding Bashford Antiques, a small shop in New Zealand that became notorious for clamping cars and issuing outrageous fines turns into a portrayal of Michael Organ – a strange and sinister man whose facade hides so many twists that you’ll not know what to think by the end.

To reveal any more would be a disservice to Farrier’s ingenious film – just know that you’re not likely to see a more outrageous and disturbing documentary this year.

– Evrim Ersoy