East Coast Premiere

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2022 • Canada • 84 min.

Director: Avalon Fast
Screenwriter: Avalon Fast, Emmett Roiko
Cast: Sophie Bawks-Smith, Jillian Frank, Reily Houlihan, Destini Stewart

March 24, 2022 @ 7:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

In the mundane hours of early summer, five girls sulk in their own boredom waiting for something. When Willow (Sophie Bawks-Smith) stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned cabin, she begins fantasizing about the life she and the girls could have there. Leader (Destini Stewart), Jules (Jillian Frank), Vicky (Mari Geraghty), and Millie (Rowan Wales) pack their bags and whisper a quick goodbye to the life they knew. They flow through open fields, blissfully entering their new sun-soaked world.

Screening Supported by Women in Film and Video New England