New England Premiere

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2019 • Spain | Estonia | Ethiopia | Latvia | Romania • 83 min.

Director: Miguel Llansó
Screenwriter: Miguel Llansó
Cast: Daniel Tadesse, Guillermo Llansó, Agustín Mateo, Gerda-Annette Allikas

March 26, 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Brattle Theatre

The year is 2035, and the world is controlled by the artificial intelligence supercomputer called Psychobook. When Psychobook is attacked by the nefarious computer virus “Soviet Union,” the CIA dispatches two of its best agents: DT Gagano and Palmer Eldritch to jack into Psychobook to confront the architect of the virus, the nefarious General Stalin.

When a glitch forces Eldritch out of the simulation, Gagano is stuck inside Psychobook while seemingly in a coma in the real world. Left on his own to take down Stalin, uncover the mystery of the gooey-green substance that threatens humanity, and return to his doting Amazonian wife Malin so they can retire and open a pizzeria/kickboxing studio together.

I can guarantee that you have never seen a film like Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway. Afrofuturism, 50s sci-fi pulp, 60s Eurotrash TV, 70s Filipino exploitation, 80s video games, kung-fu movies, and spy thrillers are all tossed into a pop-culture blender and mashed up into this masterpiece of inspired lunacy.

Director Miguel Llansó eschews the meditative qualities of his debut feature Crumbs while sacrificing none of the surrealism, leaving us with this delightfully strange and mesmerizingly funny film that will attract disciples wherever it screens.

Special thanks to Arrow Films.

– Kevin Monahan

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Space Tape

Yuma Slowbinder, UK, 7 min.

Become art, worship videotape, and win arguments with hearse drivers in less than seven minutes!