March 22, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

Brattle Theatre

We enter and leave this world alone. Everything in between involves a revolving cast of characters who come and go; some stay for decades, some for a few seconds. Some bring pain, others, love. Some get under our skin and others leave their mark without ever making direct contact. Each of these intersections leave impressions – like Braille on our souls – comprising the story of our lives. Here we have a girl connecting with a father she’s never known, a young woman trying to let go of her departed grandmother, another longing to embrace her dead lover. As one morbid young woman reaches for love, two share a beautiful moment upon a chance encounter, while another pair is torn apart unexpectedly. A body-jumping soldier confronts the morality of her missions while a couple find themselves on the verge of discovering something harrowing about their connection. Each, together, alone.

– Nicole McControversy


5% Dad

Lyall Coburn, South Africa, 10 min.

Following her occultist mother’s death, a disillusioned daughter is bequeathed a way to finally connect with the father she never knew.

Beautiful Injuries

Judith Beauvallet, France, 9 min.

Whenever she feels sad, Rebecca has morbid images popping up in her mind. When the man she loves starts dating another woman, her visions seem to merge into reality.


Teal Greyhavens, USA, 13 min.

When Jason’s companion suddenly vanishes before his eyes, he realizes that the world around him may be starting to unravel.

Evelyn’s Room

Nicole Georgallas, USA, 15 min.

Based on true events from the writer’s life, Evelyn’s Room tells the story of a girl struggling to let go of her deceased grandmother while visiting her vacant home five years after her death, only to realize there is still much there to discover.

Let Them Die Like Lovers

Jesse Atlas, USA, 15 min.

A body-jumping soldier confronts the morality of her missions in this emotionally-charged sci-fi thriller.


Lee Peterkin, USA, 13 min.

During the winter months in their cabin, Alex and Vera experience strange occurrences that are seemingly nonsensical. Nevertheless, the veil of surreality becomes lifted through a visceral and sobering revelation.


Mike Malajalian, Lebanon, 10 min.

A young woman becomes anxious at the news of the return of her disappeared husband.

Sitting Across from Strangers Like Us

Melina Valdez, USA, 8 min.

After a series of alienating encounters, a young woman discovers a mysterious antique store that contains what she was seeking all along.