March 24, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

Brattle Theatre

BUFF has once again culled together a music video block worthy of the deluxe cinematic treatment. This mind melting, visually ingenious collection is a treat for any cinephile’s eyes and ears. These 21 short stories grapple with big ideas: the anxieties/joys of modern technology, the strange magic of childhood, the insidious infiltration of aliens and (presidential) monsters into our daily lives. We hope you’re as intrigued and delighted by them as we are.

“Go Up”
Cassius & Cat Power & Pharrell Williams
Alex Courtès

“These 3 Things”
Jonny Look & Scottie Cameron

Michael Middelkoop

Com Truise
Will Joines & Karrie Crouse

“Mumbo Jumbo”
Tierra Whack
Marco Prestini

Max Ksjonda

“Biggest Curse”
Original Swimming Party & Moonchild
Amy Allais

Benjamin Booker
James Lees

“Alpha Female”
Wild Beasts
Sasha Rainbow

Jessyca R. Hauser & Simon Spitzer

Bastien Keb
Bailey Tom Bailey

“Get Some”
Ghosted & Kamille
Fidel Ruiz-Healy

“The End”
Loïc Andrieu

“Filthy Apes and Lions”
Mark Stoermer
Lee Hardcastle

Robbie Ward

Rozalina Burkova

Addison Groove
Vector Meldrew

DJ Shadow & Nils Frahm
Matt Devine

“House of Glass”
Holy Fuck
Ft. Langley

Dugan O’Neal

“Waffle House”
Snails & Botnek
Ernest Desumbila

– Shannen Ortale