New England Premiere

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2017 • USA • 98 min.

Director: Christopher Bickel
Screenwriter: David Axe
Cast: Victoria Elizabeth Donofrio, Shane Silman, Darelle D. Dove

March 22, 2018 @ 9:45 pm

Brattle Theatre

As the local purveyor of the designer drug Theta, a hallucinogenic party drug that purports to expand and enhance consciousness, Gayce Delko is everyone’s best friend. When Gayce is not slinging Theta at every party, DIY show, and orgy in town, she’s hanging with her communal housemates, the all-girl punk band, The Truth Foundation.

Things go quickly south when a band of bible-thumping Jesus freaks, let by the intense Brother Marcus, get dosed with Theta and go on a maniacal murder spree. When people close to Gayce end up dying, it’s up to her and her supplier Derek to get to the bottom of the wave of death that becomes more personal with each new victim.

Exploding onto the screen with more poise, wit, and audacity than films with ten times its budget, The Theta Girl leans heavily into exploitation film tropes without coming off as another exercise in Grindhouse style. Its clever script and assured direction take the film a long way; and while the cast may not be master thespians, they humanize and ground the movie in the face of its more excessive flights of fancy. Billed as an “existenploitation film,” The Theta Girl has enough gore, nudity, laughs, punk rock, and metaphysical angst to satisfy your basest desires.

– Kevin Monahan