BUFF @ the ICA

In celebration of the ICA's free museum day & the closing of the "Huma Bhabha: They Live" show, BUFF has curated a program of dark sci-fi short films you won't want to miss.

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#BUFF21 Day 5

The last four days have been a weird and wild ride, but we're not hitting the brakes until we get to tonight's raucous finish line. After recovering from last night…

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#BUFF21 Day 4

It's finally Saturday, which means we've got a full day of programming ahead, starting with the return of the kid-friendly Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party. Tune in to a cherished…

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#BUFF21 Day 3

The third day of #BUFF21 begins with Homegrown Horror Chapter VI: Discomfort Food, the sixth (!) annual showcase of the best today’s New England horror and one of the most…

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#BUFF21 Day 2

#BUFF21 is back with a vengeance for Day 2 with snarling teeth, underground heroes, and haunted houses. Set in 1945 just at the end of World War II, Adrian Panek’s…

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