BUFF x IFFBoston After Dark 2023

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IFFBoston 2023 returns to the Brattle, Somerville, and Coolidge Theatres, kicking off an exceptional program of independent cinema beginning this Wednesday (4/26) and running through May 3rd!

If your calendar isn’t already cleared for Boston’s greatest annual cinefeast, you have time to get a jump on this year’s most hotly anticipated releases. BUFF is delighted to lend screening support to IFFBoston’s After Dark program, which includes:


Fri. 4/28–9:30pm – Somerville Theatre
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Darla’s business Kitty Kasket is having serious money trouble. She discovers a sentient kombucha scoby named Mother who can grant orgasms to help raise the money in 30 days.


Fri. 4/28–9:30pm – Brattle Theatre
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Best friends since childhood, five World War II veterans reunite to support their troubled host, and the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal. Trapped in their host’s lounge, the Greatest Generation is confronted by one final trial through bloodshed.


Sat. 4/29–8:45pm – Somerville Theatre
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A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead.


Sat. 4/29–10:00pm – Brattle Theatre
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After receiving an invitation to his estranged friend’s mountain home, a wannabe Vlogger aims to bury the hatchet with their now-celebrity friend who isn’t quite himself anymore. Some friendships can be saved, others never stood a chance.