BUFF x Wicked Queer 2022

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BUFF is stoked to co-present this fearsome foursome at this year’s Wicked Queer:

Cop Secret

April 9, 6:30 PM at the Brattle | Get Tickets Here

A cop in denial of his sexuality, falls in love with his new partner, while investigating a string of bank break-in. We are so overjoyed to present the US Premiere of the Icelandic buddy/cop film Cop Secret directed by Hannes Þór Halldórsson. This screening will be co-presented with Taste of Iceland.

After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

April 9, 9:30 PM at the Brattle | Get Tickets Here

Did you miss this film during our virtual festival, NIGHTSTREAM? Here’s your chance to catch it!
In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed planet, a lonely teenager, Roxy, releases an assassin from the sands she was buried in. As soon as she’s free, the criminal sparks death all around. Roxy and her mother Zora are held accountable, banished from their community and forced to track the murderer down. They start a long journey pacing the supranatural territories of their filthy paradise.

The Schoolmaster Games

April 16, 9:30 PM at the Brattle | Get Tickets Here

At St Sebastian, a university where everyone are gay men and everything pulsates of eroticism and power games, the strict Schoolmaster works. His secret BDSM-affair with his student Charles comes to an abrupt end when a mysterious carving on his door brings back a traumatic memory from his past.
Simultaneously the auditions for the annual Winter Procession engulfs the boy quartet; Tim, Fred, Paul and Noak, and the process challenges their internal hierarchy and threatens their friendship and unity.

Kamikaze Hearts

April 17, 6:00 PM at the Brattle | Get Tickets Here

Tough and cynical veteran Mitch and her more naive, yet eager partner Tigr are a couple of porn actresses involved in an intense lesbian relationship. Their already strained relationship reaches the breaking point as substance abuse and the pressure of working in the sex industry begins to take a heavy toll on both women. We are pleased to share a new restoration print from director Juliet Bashore of her 1986 film Kamikaze Hearts.