Encore! Tigers Are Not Afraid Returns

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BUFF’s 2018 Audience Award-Winner returns for three nights only! 🐯

Friday September 20th—Sunday September 22nd 📽️ Brattle Theatre | Tickets
This startling, phantasmagoric film from acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Issa López is a modern-day gothic fairytale that tracks one of the too-often-overlooked tragedies of the ongoing drug war on our southern border – the orphaned children caught in the crossfire. Ten-year old Estrella (Lara) finds herself living on the streets when her mother suddenly disappears. Estrella joins a gang of street kids and becomes a guiding force in their group, leading them on a quest to survive in a violent world that they can’t fully understand. López deftly weaves in fantastic elements to the film – softening the harshness of the reality in which these children are forced to exist just enough so that they – and the audience – are not completely shattered.

“A bullet-strewn fairy tale from writer-director Issa López about Mexican orphans of cartel violence. It’s a heightened, harrowing children’s adventure spiked with moments of pure terror, great sadness and pointed politics if you’re listening for them. This is a hell of a movie.”
– Sean Burns, The ARTery

“It gets its claws into you, and won’t let go.”
– Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

“While del Toro puts his characters into historical conflicts, López is right at home spinning a modern-day fairytale that directly addresses the cost of daily violence.”
– Monica Castillo, The Wrap

Issa López (and special guest) with her Audience Award for Tigers Are Not Afraid at BUFF 2018