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1973, Philippines, 84 min.
Director: Eddie Romero » Screenwriters: Eddie Romero, Jerome Small
Cast: John Ashley, Pam Grier, Pat Woodell, Jan Merlin

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I’m glad nobody told Filipino B-movie god Eddie Romero that he should really have a budget if he wanted to make a movie about an island full of monstrous half-human, half-animal beasts. Then we’d be deprived of the spectacle of the ghetto goat-boy, the badly-conceived bat man or the embarrassed-looking panther woman (played by Pam Grier!). Also, Romero probably would have done something foolish with that extra money like hiring somebody other than John Ashley for the lead role. Ashley had parlayed a semi-successful stateside career as a teen actor and rockabilly singer into what passed for super-stardom in the Philippines, where he produced and starred in countless action and monster films as “the white guy.” He’s generally pretty bad, but he will start growing on you after a while, like an exotic island fungus. The whole film exudes an ambiance of sleazy tropical languor that’s quite appealing in its humid way.

— Lars Nilsen, Fantastic Fest


Amy’s in the Attic
Matthew Saliba
22 min.

A classic Euro exploitation throwback in the style of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco.