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2011, USA, 74 min.
Director/Screenwriter: Albert Birney & Jon Moses
Cast: Jon Moses, Ron Bauerle, Samantha Bennettlepel and Chelsea Bonagura

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The Beast Pageant crosses so many genres that it transcends categorization. If one was to try, they could call it a fantastical, surrealist, musical-buddy-road movie. In the tradition of mavericks like Gilliam, Lynch and Maddin, the journey is anything but typical.

Abe is a man adrift in a post-industrial wasteland. He languishes in a monotonous job and kept company by his daydreams and a machine that fulfills all his needs. Things turn strange one day when a miniature parasitic singing cowboy twin bursts from his stomach and the two take to the woods, discovering a world of nude pie bakers, dancing trees, and his primal nature. Any discussion of the film would be remiss without mentioning the soundtrack created by the filmmaker and a band of folk musicians weaving an epic aural landscape to surround the characters and guide their travels. Shot with a trash-picked Bolex on lovingly crafted sets and the wilds of upstate New York and peppered with charming stop motion, Pageant is a strange voyage indeed.

— Anna Feder


Stanley Pickle
Vicky Mather
12 min., UK

A stunning stop motion animation narrative of love and longing and mechanical automation that has a trick or two up its sleeve.

1. Stop 2. Jump 3. Go
S. Cagney Gentry
7 min.

The story of a person obsessed with numbers, measurements, and calculation.