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2010, Argentina, 92 min.
Director/Screenwriter: Nicolas Goldbart
Cast: Daniel Hendler, Federico Lupi, Jazmin Stuart, Jose “Yayo” Guridi

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You should all have an “Oh Shit!” bag packed and ready in the front hall closet. You know, for the day when it all goes to hell out there. It should be easy to carry, like, a Jansport or a duffel, and it should be filled with everything you’ll need to survive on the road. But what if you never have the chance to leave? What if the government seals you in your apartment for your own “protection”? It would be totally fucked, and it would probably play out just like Phase 7.

In this seriously funny film from director Nicolas Goldbart, Coco (Daniel Hendler) and his pregnant wife Pipi (Jazmin Stuart) have just moved into a new apartment building. Suddenly, they find themselves quarantined due to (what they are told is) a deadly outbreak of flu that one of their neighbors has contracted. Coco forms an alliance with his well prepared neighbor Horacio, and together the men must defend the contents of their refrigerators, as well as the contents within Pipi. As Coco battles his neighbors and the haz-mat suited men keeping him sealed inside his home, it becomes obvious that there is something far more sinister than a virus going in the air.

Nicolas Goldbart has crafted a hilarious take on human extermination with Phase 7. The film combines true moments of tension and terror with razor sharp wit and humor. Goldbart’s experience as an editor shows and makes his directorial debut one of the more memorable in recent years. If you find the impending destruction of modern society as funny as we do, then come laugh until you’re cowering in fear with the initiation of Phase 7.

— Mark Anastasio