MARCH 26 » 12:15p

MARCH 28 » 5:45p

70 min.

There is nothing in the world quite like the insane huffing and spittle of wild unbridled laughter. The kind where if you were to have ingested something recently (a liquid perhaps?) that it would be a projectile fountain of shame shooting forth from your nostrils. Your cheeks hurt and you can’t catch your breath.

A cat is looking for a bath to erase the skid marks and get some tail at the local brothel. There is a narc with an unusual affliction that makes carrying out his duties entertaining to say the least. There is also a man with a strange birthday ritual involving hookers and guns and prosthetic leg sadomasochistic pleasures. And puppets. So many sex starved foul mouthed homicidal puppets you’d think Peter Jackson was involved. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Put down that hip flask of grain alcohol illegally smuggled into the theater before you spray the person sitting next to you.

— Anna Feder

Bobby Visits the Library
Eric Krasner
3 min.

New Way to Beat Super Mario Bros. Level 1
Albert Birney
2 min.

Riley McCaskill
4 min.

Spider Fang!
Justin Perkinson
2 min.

Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove
Steven Kostanski
9 min.

Pedro Tiene Dos Perros
Tucker Davila Wood
10 min.

Happy Birthday to Me
Mauricio Baiocchi
2 min.

Pink Sweat
Lara Everly
5 min.

Shadow Puppets
Sam Carter
16 min.

Kellie Ann Benz
6 min.

Kelsey Stark
4 min.

Jeremy Smith
7 min.

Jamie Heinrich
7 min.