MARCH 27 » 2:30p

MARCH 29 » 5:45p

87 min.

Somewhere in the universe these things exist. If you close your eyes and allow yourself to drift you will see all of these people in all of these places. A woman and a young boy are making faces at each other to pass the time. A young girl will imagine herself at a giant white party in heaven with her badly burned father, As he embraces her the bandages fall away revealing the handsome man she knows and loves. A clay bunny tries to resist the urge to push the button. A young boy happens upon a wish stealing vagrant whose appearance and manners haunt him. A mysterious series of events leads a woman into unknown territory that is inhabited by David Lynch. This world is so bright and so vivid; you can almost reach out and touch all the characters. If you try hard you might be able to will a turn of events and take your place among the cast of characters. Sometimes you can even FLY!

— Anna Feder

Émilie Richard-Froozan
7 min.

Christopher Oroza
8 min.

Oscar Bones
Tara L. Tusher
15 min.

Take It Easy
Matthew Mouat
6 min.

Peixe Vermelho
Andreia Vigo
14 min.

All Flowers in Time
Jonathan Caouette
14 min.

Bobby Yeah * Work-in-Progress Screening
Robert Morgan
23 min.