MARCH 27 » 12:00p

MARCH 29 » 3:30p

111 min.

CineMental is a program from Aliza Shapiro and Truth Serum Productions that explores the fringes of queer film, video, and groundbreaking performative work. CineMental showcases the best of independent queer media in a way never before seen in Boston. Watch for CineMental’s return to the Brattle in April with their sellout BIKE PORN! Join them at

“CineMental Gets BUFF” features films that satisfy all of our interests. There’s the sexy, the queer, the intellectual, the experimental, the mainstream love, and, best of all, horror and singing nuns!

— Aliza Shapiro

Eric Casaccio
19 min.

Change Me to Me
Federica Gianni
10 min.

The Collector
Ryan Kipp
6 min.

Greg Ivan Smith
14 min.

I Give You Life
Latham Zearfoss
12 min.

The Men
Charles Fairbanks
6 min.

All Flowers in Time
Jonathan Caouette
14 min.

All That Sheltering Emptiness
Gina Carducci and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
7 min.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School
Peter Bolte
14 min.

Systyr Act: Under the Habit
E. Lisette Murphy
9 min.