MARCH 25 » 5:30p

MARCH 28 » 5:30p

81 min.

While we here at BUFF take little stock in the idea of a happy, sunny nuclear family (or even a Brady Bunch one for that matter), the families presented here are the stuff of nightmares (or perhaps wet dreams?).

There is a porn star grandpa, strangely grieving siblings, and a sexually repressed overmedicated man-child with S&M fantasies of his mother’s boyfriend. And what would a probing look at the notion of family be without a dysfunctional family Christmas with murder mayhem and divine retribution? If that weren’t strange enough there is a story of a parasitic twin and its desire to resurface and reclaim its stake in the family.

This program delves in to some of the darkest crevasses that hide in the family skeleton closet. We promise you’ll emerge grateful that you were only a spectator.

— Anna Feder

An Ounce of Mother
Jennifer Howd
4 min.

Jonathan Enrique Barajas
19 min.

Grandpa’s Wet Dream
Chihiro Amemiya
16 min.

500mg of Something
Brent Stevens
9 min.

Bloody Mary Christmas
Claudio Centimeri
22 min.

Facing Rupert
Gregory Erdstein
11 min.