March 24, 2024 @ 2:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

Program Runtime: 77 min.

The filmmaking urge to abstraction and fantasy that compels the creation of animated works does not lend itself to neat categorization. This intriguing block of shorts asks us to confront ourselves, no matter how many copies may appear. To face our fears and love our cats. To strive for change despite the odds. And to find our friends through song.

If you are looking for the experimental side of BUFF, this is the block for you. The fourteen shorts presented here are sometimes funny, sometimes haunting, often deeply, deeply strange, and only occasionally contain a traditional narrative structure. Enjoy the weird.

(Most BUFF screenings are not for kiddos unless expressly stated — this one would probably be fine for PG-13).

– Rebekah Murphy


Shrine Island

Aya Yamasaki, Jason Brown, USA, 6 min.

A traveler visits three island shrines dedicated to play at three stages in their life.

The Misprint

Jasper Lin, USA, 3 min.

A lone technician’s attempt to clone himself using cutting edge technology goes horribly wrong.

Split Ends

Aida Elkerdany, USA, 4 min.

A haircut and its consequences.

Still Life

Josie Colt, USA, 3 min.

A solitary artist walks into (and under) a sneaky superstition in her studio and psychological chaos ensues.


David Britton, Anthony Ceceri, USA, 3 min.

A young woman notices a troubling pattern in her building’s stairwell.


Eva Louise Hall, USA, 12 min.

Ready to quit her dreams of becoming an accordionist, Mira finally gets a taste of recognition one evening when she meets Lore.

The Expectation of the Observed

Stephanie J Williams, USA, 5 min.

The unrecognized labor in having and being a body.


Adam Brooks, Canada, 3 min.

A story of a little girl and her cat.

Death After Death

Michael Edwards, USA, 7 min.

A discarded human skull becomes imbued with a mysterious force.

A Shadow’s Glow

Josh Mizrahi, Cole Fourqurean, USA,

A creature of shadow must journey across his dark homeland to return a young spirit of light back to his home.

Las Nogas

Catya Plate, USA, 20 min.

Doctor Alma must cure the only creatures left who can save the world by bringing back the rain.

Stranger Danger

Austin Kimmell, USA, 4 min.

On his way to the market, a young boy gets a crash course in stranger safety from his grandfather.

Closing Time

Harriet Neeley, USA, 2 min.

A cashier is waiting for the end of their shift.

Gorgie and Humpherdinks

Parker Hamill Callaway, USA, 2 min.

Gorgie visits Humpherdinks only to find that he’s doing drugs!