March 24, 2023 @ 11:30 pm

Brattle Theatre

Assholes are everywhere. Every town and every city in every country. Sometimes you’re the asshole, and that’s okay. Just don’t be a total piece of shit.

– Melinda Green, George Luke, Kevin Monahan


A.i. Movie

Zahm Waters, Canada, 11 min.

“A.i. Movie” is a movie that was entirely made by AI and explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity in filmmaking. (AI wrote that.)


Imanol Ortiz Lopez, Spain, 10 min.

Locusts. Those suckers are never a good sign.

Mickey Dogface

Zach Fleming, USA, 10 min.

They may be your friends, but that doesn’t mean you should get into a van with them.

Garbage Days

Julien Jauniaux, Belgium, 13 min.

A dark & disturbing portrait of a tech bro CEO. (So it’s probably a true story.)


Bryan R. Ferguson, UK, 2 min.

You REALLY have to listen to this song. 


Kam Duv, France, 15 min.

Life hack: The first person you call when your boyfriend becomes a monster is always your ex-girlfriend.


Simon Michael Valentine, Norway, 11 min.

What is the true nature of nature?

Fop Wash

Sylvea Suydam, USA, 9 min.

The Fops have gone to work! Fopping up the suds — ’roque, rinse, and repeat.

Pretty Pickle

Jim Vendiola, USA, 13 min.

Ah, the dizzying honeymoon phase of love. Right up until it’s not.