March 25, 2022 @ 11:59 pm

Brattle Theatre

This year’s Trigger Warning has it all; War, despair, pain, guilt, love, lust, loneliness, terrible jobs, and a sexy gymnasium.

Is our usual content warning necessary? I mean, you’ve been through some stuff. Stuff no one should have to deal with. And now you’re taking your first tentative steps back into normalcy, or an artist’s reconstruction of normalcy. What year is it? Was that your actual hair color all along? It looks good! Did you really go all Randy Savage on that guy for not wearing a mask on the Green Line?

Yeah, you’ve changed.

But not BUFF! We’re still ready to show you a bunch of fucked-up midnight shorts! Bon appétit!

– George MacDonald Luke


Soggy Biscuit

Emma Jesse, UK, 10 min.

On a war-torn countryside, a group of British soldiers huddle around a campfire and play a game.

Hell Hole

Gregory Shultz, USA, 9 min.

Mason’s thankless job at a restricted facility turns into a race for survival when he discovers why the facility is restricted.

Big Weekend Plans

Tesha Kondrat, USA, 5 min.

A woman is left to her own devices when her appointment with death is canceled at the last minute.

Monkey-Love, Please Hold

Greg Fox, Canada, 23 min.

The arrival of an unsolicited package upends Ben’s isolated existence of online sex and solo karaoke.

Caro et Lux

East Elliott, Ben Haven Taylor, Jonathan Heutmaker, USA, 5 min.

A lonely man finds solace in his roommate’s meat.

Fop Twinks in the Rococo Gymnasium

Sylvea Suydam, USA, 7 min.

Mount your penny-farthing and take a gauzy candle-lit journey into foppery and fitness.


Xavier Seron, Belgium, 20 min.

Just as he was busy proving that he can be a responsible parent Tom feels something crunch under the wheels of the family car.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Alex Dona, Australia, 12 min.

A devoted couple will go to any lengths to fulfill each other’s fantasies.