March 25, 2022 @ 5:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

Brace yourself for Dunwich Horrors, our newest collection of “homegrown” horror, and leave your delicate sensibilities behind. We’ve assembled a mind-flaying array of New England-created bursts of terror designed to delight, disturb, and devastate. From the quaint townships of Vermont, to the deep forests of Maine, no space is safe from the horrific visions conjured by our intrepid regional creators.

Our latest installment is a cavalcade of insatiable beasts, skulking apparitions, and fractured families, representing the isolation, confinement, and frustration churning in this era of what-the-fuckery. Witness fratricide, cannibalism, demon birth, mutation, and other ghastly occurrences–a cinematic primal scream shattering you to the core. Be warned: once you’ve been exposed to the dark underbelly of the nor’east, you’re forever tainted.

– Chris Hallock



Deniz Akyurek, USA, 2 min.

A demon girl is reborn on Earth.

Vile and Sweet

Charles Vuolo, USA, 9 min.

A grieving woman is gifted a strange music box that breaks the barrier between the living and the dead.

In Darkness

Candace Janée & Federico Chiesa, USA, 3 min.

An ominous folk tale resonates through the dark forests of Maine.

Mairzy Doats

Seth Chatfield, USA, 12 min.

Following a friend’s wedding, a couple return to their woodland cabin for a relaxing weekend, but a strange noise and a fixation on mortality threaten to derail their plans.


Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple, USA, 5 min.

Stopping at a sketchy motel for some private intimacy, Gwen and Jade get the sense that someone’s watching them.

Sogno Blu

Coco Roy, USA, 2 min.

Three witches appear in a dream to bring a message with no answers.

In the Mirrors

Merlin Camozzi, USA, 7 min.

In town for a job interview, Clara discovers she has much bigger problems than a nerve-wracking meeting when her airbnb turns out to be haunted by invisible creatures.

A Family Affair

Kyle Mangione-Smith, USA, 16 min.

A family in an isolated cabin is visited by a drifter seeking shelter from a winter storm raging through the night.

Forgive Us

D.W. Hodges, USA, 14 min.

After years of estrangement, an embittered young man uncovers sinister threats when returning home with his boyfriend for Christmas.

Poor Glenna

Jean-Paul DiSciscio, USA, 17 min.

When her mutant son develops a taste for human flesh, a timid mother must find a victim to satisfy his ravenous appetite.