March 27, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Brattle Theatre

Prepare to receive cinematic bursts of terror, beaming from New England’s wicked creative minds. These short-form transmissions are pulsing with bizarre, provocative, and unsettling visions – a parade of ghastly sights and sounds – aimed at your vulnerable parts. It’s a collection brimming with door-to-door cultists, demonic dealings, and voices from beyond – metaphorical monstrosities embodying our anxiety, paranoia, and despair, amplified by today’s cultural shitshow. BUFF proudly spotlights our emerging independent visionaries, valiantly defying convention with thematically-rich storytelling, startling imagery, and steeped in the nor’eastern weirdness that is our hallmark. Brace yourself for the latest installment of Homegrown Horror!

– Chris Hallock


Disco Graveyard

Izzy Lee, USA, 3 min.

Why be dead when you can be weird instead?

The Nurturing

Alex DiVincenzo, USA, 9 min.

A convalescent fears a presence lurking beneath his bed.

Jennifer Again

Kyle Mangione-Smith, USA, 5 min.

On a lonely road, a couple stops for a troubled hitchhiker.

Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant

Sarah Kennedy, USA, 12 min.

Three beauty pageant finalists fight for their lives.

Shiny Diamonds

Toni Nagy & Seth Chatfield, USA, 6 min.

A slacker is visited by an agent of a strange religion.


Erica Stockwell-Alpert, USA, 7 min.

A human sacrifice doesn’t go as planned.

Laynie Needs a Light

Jill Harrigan, USA, 10 min.

A woman follows a stranger home from a speakeasy.

Strange Bird

Laura Lee Bahr, USA, 15 min.

A tech-support operator is stalked by a threatening voice.


Michael Bizzaco & Michael Higgs, USA, 25 min.

A reclusive musician is haunted by his muse.