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March 22, 2019 @ 11:59 pm

Brattle Theatre

Welcome to the midnight shorts program. A place where the odd children come to play. These disparate short films capture the true spirit of “underground” however one seeks to define the term. Ranging from sophomorically silly to seductively sublime to deeply disturbing, these mini-movies represent what is perhaps the purest form of filmmaking, completely detached from any commercial interests. The raw filmmaking talent on display here should satiate even the most maudlin motherfuckers jaded by the state of modern mainstream cinema. 18+ only.

– Kevin Monahan


Gwilliam’s Tips for Turning Tricks Into Treats

Brian Lonano, USA, 4 min.

This is what you wanted! Gwilliam is back and offers some tips for getting special treats this Halloween.

Mama’s Boy

Samantha Kolesnik, USA, 11 min.

A young man’s life spirals into depravity and madness when he confronts the trauma of his childhood.

Nico Lives

Travis Welowszky, Canada, 17 min.

Local drag star Nico seeks revenge on all those who never truly appreciated her art.

Patron Saint

Georden West, USA, 8 min.

The ecstasy of a queer saint brings her to the gates of heaven.


Fredrik Hana, Norway, 20 min.

But in wake of his 50th birthday party, crime lord Vinnie’s illusions of true love crumble, paving way for all his long hidden insecurities and filling his heart with rage and fury.


Bianca Tomshin, Australia, 12 min.

In a whirlwind of four distinct vignettes, Supine follows Niamh- a girl who has been raised in a gated compound, who only communicates in a movement-based language.


Dani Viqueira Carballal, Spain, 15 min.

Jose’s inability to accept the new reality of his life pushes him into a spiral of self-destruction.