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March 23, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

We say things are funny because they are true. And that’s what this package of films have to offer: unmitigated, unadulterated, immutable truth. Truth so hard that you may burst a brain vessel with uncontrollable laughter. Featuring local and national talent, the shorts here range from the goofy to surreal, from tender to awkward, and from cute to severely messed up. The universal truths contained herein may be damaging to your mental state. BUFF is not responsible for the damage to your sanity that may result from these film’s commitment to unflinching veracity. Wake up, sheeple.

– Kevin Monahan


I Owe You One Banana and Two Black Eyes

Jim McDonough, USA, 4 min.

It is the year 2021, 3 days since the beginning of the mysterious animal apocalypse. The last human just died.
The animals are running shit now.

In Love

Candice Nachman, USA, 2 min.

Super8 film with all edits done in camera about the perils of falling in love and getting your heart ripped out, literally.

Fuzzite Fighters

Jenna Tooley, USA, 7 min.

Emma realizes there is more than meets the eye about her dork neighbor james, as she learns a dangerous secret that is hidden from the rest of the world.

The Odd Sea

Porcelain Dalya, USA, 6 min.

Odysseus, a great painter, has come to the woods to get inspiration for his next masterpiece. A documentary crew follows him on his journey.

B’s Hole

Peter Levine, USA, 6 min.

Three enthusiastic, young urban professionals search for a hot new speakeasy bar. Wow, prohibition must have been the coolest!


Kik Udomprasert, USA, 5 min.

A zombie finds a flower that brings her to the threshold of consciousness—only to be dispatched by a heartless survivor.

El Amo de Cuchillo

Rodrigo González, Mexico, 12 min.

Master Chef Timoteo will be tempted when he discovers his platonic love is visiting his restaurant. The life of Timoteo will depend by the fate of a knife in the air.

Happy Ending

Fernando González Gómez, Spain, 4 min.

Romance was always much simpler in the movies…

Shake It Off

Brian Petillo, USA, 5 min.

In a house party bathroom, an arrogant man unexpectedly experiences sexual objectification by the hands of a rather unique woman.

Falcon & Hawke: Space Race, Episode 4

Dane Benton, USA, 12 min.

Max Falcon and Michael Hawke, a hair obsessed duo, chase after a mystical suitcase throughout every genre and trope.


Stuart Roelke, USA, 7 min.

Complex microexpressions are a thing of the past with this new face replacing biohack!

The Cuckoldress

Brett McCabe, USA, 8 min.

When pleasing your partner is pleasing other partners.

A Chest of Drawers

Maxwell Nalevansky, USA, 13 min.

Veiled beneath his mask, the beekeeper has never shown his scarred face to his brawny man, the man who once saved him from the brink of death, and the beekeeper must make the choice to show his face or lose his love.

Chowboys: An American Folktale

Astron-6, Canada, 8 min.

Canada’s infamous cult collective reunite with another winning niche genre pastiche, this time lampooning the wintery western as they ricochet from absurdist hijinx to grotesque splatter.