March 23, 2018 @ 5:15 pm

Brattle Theatre

For five years strong, BUFF’s Homegrown Horror has proudly boosted the signal for emerging voices in our region, sharing frightening visions wrested from the minds of our indigenous creators. Over that time, we’ve witnessed homespun talent sidestep genre comfort zones to deliver delightfully diabolical tales, shattering the illusion of New England’s picturesque tranquility in the process. Our latest installment is the most unique assortment yet, a spine-tingling array of ghastly sights and sounds. Prepare for a convention-defying, anxiety-inducing mixtape for the terror-philic, courtesy of your nor’eastern neighbors.

– Chris Hallock



Ben Swicker, Massachusetts, 7 min.

An online predator receives a sinister invitation.

Are You Wild Like Me?

William Nawrocki, Connecticut, 10 min.

A epidemic of missing children leads to a grisly discovery in the forest.


Mackenzie Bartlett, Maine, 20 min.

A religious community requires a sacrifice to revive its failing crop.

Death Has No Season

Coco Roy, Massachusetts, 9 min.

An eerie musical odyssey through the seasons, presided by a spectral presence.


Marinah Janello, Rhode Island, 15 min.

An aging woman turns to the occult to reclaim her youth.

I Want You to Know

Silvia Graziano, Massachusetts, 4 min.

A secluded woman indulges in her dark appetite.

Jolie Laide

Charlotte Warren, Maine, 14 min.

A journey of self-discovery takes a woman on a path directly through hell.

Knock Knock II

Katharine McManus, Massachusetts, 4 min.

A maniac torments a captive audience with disturbing performance art.

Signal to Noise

Jarret Blinkhorn, Rhode Island, 3 min.

A malicious radio broadcast signals civilization’s end.

The Misplaced

Alex DiVincenzo, Massachusetts, 4 min.

Some lost things should never be found.

Under Dusk, She Screams

R.J. Wilson, Maine, 1 min.

An expectant mother must heed a malevolent call.