Far from the Apple Tree

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

In keeping with the theme of “More #BUFF21,” we’ll be showcasing one of our favorite features from this year’s most recent batch of submissions, an indie gem from Scotland that we were unable to include in our 2019 festival lineup. Join us for Grant McPhee’s dreamy, hallucinatory & haunting psychological thriller! Synopsis: Judith, a struggling artist, gets her dream job of working for a renowned visual artist named Roberta Roslyn. While cataloging Roberta’s work she is shocked to keep seeing a girl who closely resembles herself, she learns that this girl is actually her boss’s missing daughter Maddy. As she investigates the mystery of just what could have happened to this girl, she starts to develop a new persona and it comes to a point where she must decide if she is to leave her job or continue and risk losing who she is. View trailer | RSVP on Facebook