Announcing the BUFF 2019 Short Films

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The BUFF programming team has spent the last ten months diligently combing through a mountain of submissions to unearth this veritable feast of the senses! Dysfunctional families. Mindbending realities. Death. Love. Rage. Witches. Robots. Creatures galore. Ranging from the harrowing to the horrific to the hilarious, join us in applauding this year’s selections!

Homegrown Horror Chapter VI: Discomfort Food: New England Horror Shorts

Dead Air by R.J. Wilson, Maine, 1 min.
Mercury Screams by Dan Wilder, Massachusetts, 7 min.
Let’s Be Friends by Ryan Glista, Connecticut, 9 min.
Consumed by Sloan Turner, Massachusetts, 16 min.
Ultra Witchy by Mariah Klapatch, Maine, 17 min.
Water Horse by Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple, Vermont, 7 min.
The Party by Mackenzie Bartlett, Maine, 16 min.
From Within by Andrea Wolanin, Massachusetts, 7 min.
Georgie by Ryan Grulich, Massachusetts, 6 min.

Dark [Mid]Night of the Soul: Midnight Shorts

Gwilliam’s Tips for Turning Tricks Into Treats by Brian Lonano, USA, 4 min.
Mama’s Boy by Samantha Kolesnik, USA, 11 min.
Nico Lives by Travis Welowszky, Canada, 17 min.
Patron Saint by Georden West, USA, 8 min.
Rosalina by Fredrik Hana, Norway, 20 min.
Supine by Bianca Tomshin, Australia, 12 min.
Limbo by Dani Viqueira Carballal, Spain, 15 min.

Bucket of Truth: Comedic Shorts

I Owe You One Banana and Two Black Eyes by Jim McDonough, USA, 4 min.
In Love by Candice Nachman, USA, 2 min.
Fuzzite Fighters by Jenna Tooley, USA, 7 min.
The Odd Sea by Porcelain Dalya, USA, 6 min.
B’s Hole by Peter Levine, USA, 6 min.
Flower by Kik Udomprasert, USA, 5 min.
El Amo de Cuchillo by Rodrigo González, Mexico, 12 min.
Happy Ending by Fernando González Gómez, Spain, 4 min.
Shake It Off by Brian Petillo, USA, 5 min.
Falcon & Hawke: Space Race, Episode 4 by Dane Benton, USA, 12 min.
Fauxmote by Stuart Roelke, USA, 7 min.
The Cuckoldress by Brett McCabe, USA, 8 min.
A Chest of Drawers by Maxwell Nalevansky, USA, 13 min.
Chowboys: An American Folktale by Astron-6, Canada, 8 min.

A Lot Like Life: Animated Shorts

Maintain Yourself by Elena LaCourt, USA, 4 min.
The Spirit Seam
by Ashley Gerst, USA, 15 min.
Phototaxis by Melissa Ferrari, USA, 7 min.
For A Better Life
by Yasmin Mistry, USA, 10 min.
Night Train by Deirdre Beck, USA, 2 min.
Harls by Kenzie Sutton, USA, 2 min.
Lilly Goes Fishing by The Bum Family, Canada, 8 min.
MORPHOSIS by Santiago Castaño, Colombia, 11 min.
Mother’s Peak by Simon Allen, USA, 15 min.
Wunderkammer by Jennifer Linton, Canada/USA, 6 min.
The Switch by Andy Palmer, USA, 5 min.

A Synthetic Kind of Love: Sci-Fi Shorts

Rust in Peace by William Welles, USA, 17 min.
The Manual by Wil Magness, USA, 30 min.
Andromeda by Emily Dean, USA, 15 min.
Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow by Fadi Baki, Lebanon, 30 min.

Shorts Premiering with Feature Films

Diddie Wa Diddie by Joshua Erkman, USA, 9 min.
The Peephole by Enrique Manzo Escamilla, Mexico, 8 min.
Hashtag Perfect Life by Michael Paulucci, USA, 12 min.
The Obliteration of the Chickens by Izzy Lee, USA, 4 min.

Sound + Vision: Music Videos

“Back & Forth” | MK & Jonas Blue & Becky Hill | by Finn Keenan
“Catenaccio” | Jessica | by NYSU
“Het is Klaar” | Anouk | by Michael Middelkoop
“Les Passantes” | Georges Brassens | by Charlotte Abramow
“Toy” | Young Fathers | by Salomon Ligthelm
“FUN!” | Vince Staples | by Calmatic
“Ottolenghi” | Loyle Carner & Jordan Rakei | by Oscar Hudson
“Walk The Walk” | Gaz Coombes | by Najeeb Tarazi
“Singularity” | Jon Hopkins | by Seb Edwards
“Oh Baby” | LCD Soundsystem | by Rian Johnson
“Freedom Fighter” | Ruby Rose Fox | by Ben Phillippo
“God’s Lament (신의토로)” | Zagmachi (자그마치) | by Jude Chun & Yena Gim
“No White God” | Oscar #Worldpeace | by Taz Tron Delix
“Pa’lante” | Hurray for the Riff Raff | by Kristian Mercado Figueroa
“TU” | Tulipa Ruiz | by PANAMA
“Agree” | POLIÇA & s t a r g a z e | by Maria Juranic
“Wave” | Rone & Noga Erez | by Greg Barth
“Dino Domina” | Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys | by Edrie Edrie & Walter Sickert
“He’s Got His Mother’s Hips” | John Grant | by Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond
“Skjemt Blod” | Gwenmarie White | by Gwenmarie White
“Stop Talking” | Miya Folick | by Ariel Fisher & Sarah C. Prinz & Miya Folick
“How It Goes” | Keenan The First | by Joel Jay Blacker
“Gold” | Leningrad | by Lado Kvataniya
“Magenta Riddim” | DJ Snake | by Vania Heymann & Gal Muggia
“Material” | Flasher | by Nick Roney
“Free Yourself” | The Chemical Brothers | by Dom & Nic