You are currently viewing BUFF XX Day 5

It’s the final day of BUFF XX, friends, but we’re not letting you leave without spending a few more hours in synaptic snap-crackle-and-pop ecstasy.

We’ll start things off with a delve into New England’s horror culture, where a rich storytelling tradition echoes through its tenacious contemporary voices. Something Wicked This Way Comes is a project that includes a series of short films that chronicle New England’s creepy atmosphere, profile a handful of today’s artists in their attempts to carry on that legacy, and document the decision to pursue a horror film career locally.

Over at the Harvard Film Archive, the U.S. premiere of Daha explores the age-old question of whether monsters are born or bred through the timely prism of the Syrian refugee crisis, crafting along the way a sharp examination of the horrors of the human condition. Daha is the kind of debut that happens only once a decade. Do not miss the opportunity to see this milestone in Turkish cinema on the big screen as intended.

Back at the Brattle, our last shorts block of this year’s festival presents a series of animated films reflecting our desire for belonging. The Ghost in You features the best of this year’s hand drawn, stop motion, cut paper, and both 2D and 3D computer animation.

We’re psyched beyond belief to present the East Coast Premiere of a truly unforgettable documentary, Josh Polon’s Slamdance award-winner MexMan, which follows Germán, a young Mexican-American artist and filmmaker striving to complete his first feature film while plagued by the ghost of a long-lost love and battling his producers for creative control.

Finally, we’ll close out the festival with back-to-back doses of weird world cinema. Traveling the festival circuit on a deeply-deserved wave of appreciation and love, Guillermo Del Toro and Stephen King’s favorite genre film of 2017, Tigers Are Not Afraid, lands in Boston with an almighty roar. Fusing social realism and fantasy, writer/director Issa López will be on hand at the Brattle Theatre to present her moving tale of children caught in the crossfire of Mexico’s cartel wars.

BUFF XX comes to a close with Brazilian werewolf lesbian musical Good Manners (which may be one of the BUFFiest set of adjectives we’ve ever placed next to the title of a film). But don’t be fooled by our cheeky summation: Good Manners is vanguard filmmaking at its best and bravest – a lush, matte painted, lycanthropic fairytale centered on the unusual relationship between two women from very different walks of life in São Paulo. This genre-bending and beautiful gothic fairytale is the perfect way to close out our 20th anniversary program.

We hope you’ll come join us after the films for this year’s Bacchus awards, presented at midnight, and soundtracked by DJ Brother Cleve’s collection of Brazilian disco and Mexican electro. It’s been a weird and wild week – thanks for joining us for the ride.