You are currently viewing BUFF XX Day 4

Day 4 of BUFF XX got off to an early start with our annual screening of Saturday morning cartoons curated by Kier-La Janisse. That’s just the beginning – we’ve got a full day of cinemayhem planned and we hope you’ll join us.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve programmed too much to fit on just one screen, so we’ll be hosting a handful of films over at the Harvard Film Archive this weekend. We’ll kick things off there today with Top Knot Detective, the entirely untrue story of cult samurai series Ronin Suiri Tentai (or Deductive Reasoning Ronin). Filmed in Perth over three years with an almost entirely Japanese-Australian cast, Top Knot Detective is equal parts spoof and satire.

Afterwards, stick around for Spoor, one of the most unconventional animal-rights films you could ever hope to see, and a genuinely radical one at that, to the extent that some have labeled it dangerous (you’ll understand why when you see it).

Back at our home base of the Brattle Theatre, we’ve once again culled together a music video block worthy of the deluxe cinematic treatment in our Sound & Vision program. This mind melting, visually ingenious collection is a treat for any cinephile’s eyes and ears. We’ll chase that down with Comedy? Maybe! presenting two full hours of some of the best and funniest short films sent our way in the past year.

Tonight, the splatterfest begins with the East Coast premiere of The Ranger fresh from its SXSW debut. Jenn Wexler’s rambunctious feature harnesses the essence of punk rock, offering a fresh take on survivalist horror with a fistful of splatter effects, cleverly subverting tropes with peculiar humor and a rowdy flair.

Next we’ve got writer-director Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge, offering an over-the-top and bloody-as-hell recalibration of the rape-revenge film from a feminine perspective. This powerful and stylish debut reaches levels of such peak intensity that even the most hardcore fans of extreme horror will find themselves begging to tap out.

Finally, for the brave, bold & beautiful creatures who crave a little terror and mystery at midnight, BUFF is overjoyed to present this secret screening of… well, we can’t tell you. Trust us when we say this highly-anticipated genre gem is appropriately placed at the witching hour for the most adventurous and bravest amongst us.

If you need a break from the blood and gore, you can always stop by Tasty Burger for our annual karaoke party. And don’t forget we’ve got one more day of fantastically strange and unusual moving pictures from around the world coming up tomorrow. Check out our schedule and don’t miss out!