MARCH 26 » 10:00p »

MARCH 29 » 9:45p »

94 min.

This year’s Tapas of Terror from Boston’s own Master of Macabre, J. Cannibal, promises to bring back a delectable assortment of repulsive short films that will leave your cortex tingling.

Of the lineup J. Cannibal writes, “We’ve got a diverse group of budding filmmakers pulling out all their tricks to make you squirm. From maniacal clowns to deformed babies to blood junkies, we’ve got a little taste of something for everyone. For the night’s finale I’ve picked a foreign film that anyone who finds beauty in the dark must see. Bring your napkins, boys and girls—this will be messy!”

— Janaka Stucky

We Gatta Eat
Craig Shannon
11 min.

Your Friendly Local Butcher
Mischa Chaleyer-Kynaston
3 min.

Mikey Reyes
13 min.

Gus Alvarez
9 min.

Direct to Your Door
Eddie Deirmenjian
3 min.

The Ugly File
Mark Steensland
10 min.

La rubia del baño
Daniel Barosa
4 min.

Higher Plane
Travis Bigg
17 min.

Reeve Rixon
15 min.

Danse Macabre
Pedro Pires
9 min.