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2010, USA, 94 min.
Director/Screenwriter: James Felix McKenney
Cast: Don Wood, Christine Spencer, Larry Fessenden, Debbie Rochon

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Inspired by Christian scare cinema and shot in the style of a low-budget splatter film, Satan Hates You warns against the perils of deviant behavior such as reading tarot cards, snorting cocaine, playing Dungeons & Dragons, back-alley abortions, and defecating in swimming pools.

Wendy is a party girl who will snort any substance placed in front of her, and fornicate with any man to wander into her bed – or dive bar bathroom stall, as the case may be. Marc is an alcoholic who may proclaim himself “no homo,” but he is homicidal.

All along the way, these two individuals are being guided down the path to ruin by Satan’s little helpers. Can the constant background murmur of a televangelist get through to them? Can the power of Jesus Christ wade through the rising tide of sex, pills, and booze to bring them back to safer waters? Or will they drown in their own sinful pools of blood and vomit?

With cameos from the stars of such underground favorites as Bubba Ho-Tep, The Hills Have Eyes, and Tromeo and Juliet, this film is sure to satisfy the most depraved freaks in our audience. And who knows? You just might find salvation.

— Rachel Hock


David-James Fernandes
14 min.

What are you afraid of? What if someone could change that?