MARCH 26 » 2:15p

MARCH 30 » 3:30p

79 min.

There are as many ways to make a film as there are films to be made. This program highlights a wide range of approaches to experimental and abstract filmmaking practice. From the dischordant, punk rock avant-gardism of Anna Geyer’s “Goodbye Pig” to the silent, sensual bliss of Robert Todd’s “Cascade,” it may be hard to find one singular aesthetic that unifies this collection. We aim only to provide a survey (an extremely limited and non-inclusive one, but a survey nonetheless) of the state of experimental cinema today.

The low-key lyricism of a film like Brian Barth’s “Rickets” is a far cry from the psychedelic barrage of Steve Cossman’s technicolor “TUSSLEMUSCLE,” but all these short, poetic works reaffirm the expressive and innovative qualities of cinema. Even in this cynical, media-saturated era, there are still exciting and surprising new things waiting to be discovered as long as folks like this keep making films.

— Bryan McKay

Goodbye Pig
Anna Geyer
5 min.

We Lived There
Rob Sabal
3 min.

Brian Barth
4 min.

Ron Resendes
2 min.

Marianna Milhorat
9 min.

Inside Out/Side One
Matt Meindl
5 min.

Locking Gazes
Michael Robinson
12 min.

Steve Cossman
5 min.

Robert Todd
34 min.