MARCH 25 » 11:55p

MARCH 30 » 9:45p

84 min.

We do this every year at BUFF; sequester our more unpalatable selections, unfit for mainstream consumption, for the midnight crowd. Well, this time, we’re not fucking around! Only the hardcore need apply here. It might start out playful enough, but rest assured, by the end of this shorts block you will be in absolute HELL. “People behaving badly” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Just the first few minutes that constitute “A Safe Distance Away” is just a taste of what you’re in for. Things get mischievous for the next few films, but “Dissociative Disorder Movie” marks the point where shit stops being funny. Prepare “Ninjas” to fuck you up for the rest of your life.

We add the disclaimer every year, but we’re really not kidding this time: not for the squeamish!

— Kevin Monahan

A Safe Distance Away
Alexander Yan
3 min.

Vacuum Attraction
Morgan Miller
4 min.

Bobby Miller
12 min.

Mauricio Baiocchi
3 min.

Darko Štante
15 min.

Dissociative Disorder Movie
Carey Burtt
10 min.

1000 Grams
Tom Bewilogua
15 min.

Dennison Ramalho
22 min.