MARCH 25 » 5:15p

MARCH 30 » 5:30p

93 min.

You don’t need to be in an Eli Roth flick to feel tortured and objectified, to find your guts torn out and displayed for all to see. You just need to fall in love. Puppy love, true love, selflove – each comes with its own fears and horrors. Whether a first date, a break-up, or a one-night stand, these films prove that love is not for the squeamish, nor heartache for the faint of heart.

— Rachel Hock

Love Me Tender
Matthew Morgenthaler
17 min.

Roei Tzoref
7 min.

Phil Healy
2 min.

Michael Guerraz
20 min.

Lip Stick
Shannon Lark
11 min.

Joops Fragale
17 min.

Sudden Death!
Adam Hall
19 min.