MARCH 24 » 7:00p


2011, Canada, 86 min.
Director: Jason Eisener Screenwriter: John Davies
Cast: Rutger Hauer, Brian Downey, Gregory Smith, Molly Dunsworth

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“A Hiroshima of creative insanity. Every time you think the movie can’t become any more crazy, grotesque or disgusting, it takes out its penis and starts masturbating in public while raving about how cans of Progresso soup are running a shadow government.” –Matt Goldberg, Collider

Veteran actor Rutger Hauer gives the performance of a career as the Hobo, an honest homeless man trying to eke out an honest existence in ScumTown. Seeking to buy a lawnmower, he instead buys a shotgun, and takes on the crime boss Drake, and his two sons Slick and Ivan, awashing the streets in bloody red vengeance. What was once the SXSW/Grindhouse trailer sensation is now a feature length film starring Rutger freakin’ Hauer!

Hobo with a Shotgun is a film we’ve been waiting on for some time here at BUFF HQ. The debut feature of a Bacchus award-winning BUFF alum (Jason Eisener, director/co-writer of Treevenge – winner of Best Short 2009), shot by a Bacchus award-winning BUFF alum (Hobo’s DP is none other than Karim Hussain, director of La Belle Bête, winner of Best Feature in 2008). The reservoir of talent that went into making this picture Is staggering. And the final product?

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Eisener does not relent on the insanity even to catch the film’s breath. Hauer is the only one here playing it straight, the color saturation is hyperreal and the movie’s content is so over-the-top hilarious and wrong that you won’t know whether to cheer or cringe. Hobo with a Shotgun delivers not just the justice, but the laughs, gasps and gore one loving shell at a time.

— Kevin Monahan


Bacchus Attack Us
Brian Lonano
2 min.

A giant drunken bunny wreaks havoc on videotown. Commissioned specifically for BUFF XIII as our official promo clip.