MARCH 27 » 2:15p

MARCH 28 » 3:30p

86 min.

Step inside our time machine. We will transport you light years ahead. The future is now. But it’s nothing like we expected. The aliens have landed but they aren’t here to save us. They are here to colonize. They have kidnapped our friends and neighbors for some nefarious purpose. The apocalypse approaches and there will be little comfort. Instead of setting us free and improving our quality of life, our devices rule us. Our robots try to seduce us into inadvertently gratifying them.

The future is bleak my friends. It’s best to get in your DeLorean and head back to the safety of 2011. Glad you could visit. Hope you took a souvenir.

— Anna Feder

Martian Precursor
Brian Lonano
1 min.

Get with the Program
Jennifer Deutrom
4 min.

Matthew Wade
2 min.

My First Science Fiction Movie
Neil Ira Needleman
4 min.

Robotic Panic
William Crooks
10 min.

Bridget Palardy
12 min.

Apocalypse Story
Jeffery P. Nesker
13 min.

Hanaa Saleh Alfassi
2 min.

The Adder’s Bite
Firas Momani
9 min.

File Under Miscellaneous
Jeff Barnaby
8 min.

W. Jonathan Sims
7 min.

The 3rd Letter
Grzegorz Jonkajtys
15 min.