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2011, USA, 82 min.
Director: Caleb Emerson Screenwriter: Marta Estirado
Cast: Aramis Sartorio, Thea Martin, Brett Hundley, Gia Paloma

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Meet Frank. Everyone hates Frank. Not that anyone has a reason to, mind you. He’s actually a pretty nice guy. But that’s just the way it is. Among Frank’s most fervent detractors are his wife Katie, and his best friend/worst enemy Spioch. Frank agreed to let Spioch crash with him and Katie for a “couple of nights,” about two years ago and Spioch has yet to take his leave of Frank’s abode. Katie, for her part, does nothing but knit and watch Spanishlanguage TV all day, only pausing to hurl insults and glass bottles at Frank. Frank’s existence is stupid.

After almost accidentally killing Spioch during an argument, Frank presumes him dead and is only too happy to be rid of the interloper. Spioch, however, revives only to kidnap Katie and leave a “Fuck you, Frank,” note behind in order to make Frank believe that Katie has left him. Still believing Spioch to be dead, Frank embarks on an Odyssey-like quest to find Katie, and along the way encounters winos, stoners, surly service employees, aliens, androids, a strange puppet-child and a dude named Mike West, who is the only person on the planet who people
seem to hate more than Frankie. (Yeah! Fuck you, Mike West!)

A big part of what makes Frankie in Blunderland so immensely watchable is the manic performance by former alt-porn star Aramis Sartorio (a.k.a Tommy Pistol) as Frankie and the goofy tone in which director Caleb Emerson (Die You Zombie Bastards!) handles the proceedings. Making the journey all the more memorable are the cameo appearances by Evan Stone, Debbie Rochon and Damon Packard. It might seem that everyone involved with the film is having too much fun at times, and that same playful attitude is sure to rub off on an audience. So come join Frankie as he ventures through this stupid day!

— Kevin Monahan


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