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BOSTON PREMIERE with Richard Griffin

2010, USA, 90 min.
Director: Richard Griffin Screenwriters: Richard Griffin, Guy Benoit
Cast: David Lavallee Jr., Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Daniel Lee White

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In the 1950’s, we Americans had quite a bit to fear. Communism, the threat of nuclear annihilation, rock ‘n’ roll, and space aliens all registered as national threats on our radar. Nowadays, these “fears” are ideals we embrace, and events that we eagerly anticipate! Lucky for us, Atomic Brain Invasion mixes all of these volatile elements into one glowing green concoction, shakes it up, and lets it explode all over your face!

This hilariously-fun, new spoof on 50s sci-fi pulp from writer/director Richard Griffen (Beyond the Dunwich Horror) is schlock at its finest. When an extra-terrestrial vile of goo comes crashing to Earth and begins dissolving the faces of all those who encounter it closely, it’s up to a group of young nerds, a few slick greasers, a friendly group of Zotting aliens, and Elvis Presley to save the day. With a battle cry of “no way daddio,” the group must fight off a horde of brain creatures while trapped in a diner.

Featuring slimey gore effects, brainy puppetry, and with as many laughs as there are poodle skirts, Atomic Brain Invasion is a crowd pleaser of mushroom cloud proportions.

— Mark Anastasio


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