BUFF 2012 from Boston Underground Film Festival on Vimeo.


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“BUFF has certainly grown into one of the coolest underground fests in the world.” – Mike Everleth, Bad Lit

“The festival was a real class act, with a fantastic, intimate ambiance, cool guests and a genuinely awesome staff, who every year are elevating the event in importance and reputation. It was a great pleasure to show my movie there and also to discuss the film with the Boston audience, who were so enthusiastic and communicative.” – Karim Hussain, filmmaker, La Belle Bête

“Cinema lovers who are drawn to the kind of original and experimental works they won’t find at the local multiplex (or even the local art house) can look forward to the arrival of the Boston Underground Film Festival.” – Lisa McKay, Blogcritics

“The Boston Underground Film Festival prides itself on digging up naughty and subversive little flicks that look something like a Herschell Gordon Lewis/John Waters concoction.” – Harry Vaughn, Weekly Dig