Attending Filmmakers: What Do I Need to Know

We’re looking forward to hosting you at #BUFF18! Here’s a bit of housekeeping:

Where is the Festival?

We’ll be primarily located at the Brattle Theatre, in Harvard Square (which is technically Cambridge – Boston and Cambridge are like a yin and yang). It’s a fantastic non-profit arthouse cinema and it’s one of the few in North America that uses rear projection.

There will also be three screenings taking place at the Harvard Film Archive on the weekend.

What Do I Get?

  • 2 Festival Passes (one for you and a guest): These will grant you access to all BUFF screenings and parties for the duration of the festival. Your complimentary passes will be available at the BUFF hospitality desk, located in the lobby of the Brattle Theatre, beginning Wednesday March 23rd at 6pm; the hospitality desk will be open during the theater’s regular business hours.
  • Comped Tickets: You’ll receive two comp tickets with your badges; you can give these to anyone you’d like to redeem at the Brattle box office for one screening each.
  • Filmmaker’s Reception: We’ll host a reception on Saturday March 26th (approx. 3:00pm – 6:00pm) so you can schmooze with your fellow industry colleagues. We’ll email details prior to the festival and/or you can ask our on-site staff.
  • Access to our Super-Secret After-Hours Party on Saturday March 26th: We’ll have something fun planned from 12:00am onward, so save up your stamina. The location will be kept top secret until day-of and only filmmakers & VIPs will be invited. More on that soon.
  • Filmmaker’s Brunch: Sunday March 27th, we’ll host a private brunch in Harvard Square for filmmakers, from about 11:00am – 12:30pm. Details will be emailed prior to the festival.
  • #BUFF18 laurels: We’ll email you a .zip file soon, so you can emblazon your marketing/social media materials with them, if that is your thing. Please don’t make your own!

Where Should I Stay?

  • Boston is notoriously expensive. The hotels in our city aren’t interested in cutting anyone any deals, particularly festivals; if we had the budget, we’d support your travel, but unfortunately, that’s not the case (but it is the dream, someday). Luckily, you can stay pretty far from the venue and get around via public transportation or car as it’s a small, compact city. We would really love to have you at the festival and hope you can attend, so here are all our lodging recommendations according to budget:
    • Swank: The Charles Hotel is the nicest and most expensive hotel in the area; it’s also a brisk 5 minute walk away from the theater and its sleek and sexy bar, Noir, stays open the latest in all of Cambridge (until 2am). If you feel like splurging, or going halvsies/threevsies/fivesies with others and living out your champagne dreams, this would be the place to do it. They have TV’s in the bathroom mirrors. It’s crazy. Expect to pay upwards of $280 a night (plus tax).
    • Fancy: The Sheraton Commander is about a 10 minute walk from the theater. It’s also a lovely hotel, not quite luxury, but manages to be luxury priced. Expect to pay a more moderate (for Harvard Square) $180 a night (plus tax).
    • Lovely: The Kendall Hotel is in a different part of Cambridge, but it is literally the easiest, quickest commute ever. The subway station is right outside the front door and a quick 5 minute ride (about 2 stops) to Harvard Square. The hotel is cute and cozy with a B&B feel. Expect to pay around $150 a night (plus tax).
    • Quaint: A Friendly Inn is a cute B&B about a 15 minute walk away from the theater. Some of the online reviews are hit or miss, but the facilities are adequate and comfortable, plus there is free breakfast. Expect to pay around $170 a night (plus tax).
    • Bargain: There’s an adequate 2.5 star motel about a 20 minute walk from Harvard Square; it’s also on the bus line (route 86): the Days Inn Harvard/Fenway. It’s pretty basic and basically cheap; curiously, the Chinese restaurant on its first floor is one of the best in the city. Also, there’s a big supermarket right across the street, a McDonald’s, a sushi buffet place, and a Jimmy John’s. Expect to pay around $109 a night (plus tax).
    • Super-Bargain: If you’re willing to rough it a little, for about $55 a night you can crash in a multi-bed, same-sex dorm at the Hostel International Boston, located downtown in the Chinatown/theater district. If you plan accordingly, you and your pals can probably take over an entire dorm room (slumber party!). The hostel is about a 10-15 minute walk to Park Street station, which can take you directly to Harvard Square via the red line in about 15 minutes. There’s lots to do in downtown Boston, particularly if you’re a night owl; while things shut down around 2am in Cambridge, you can literally party all night downtown.
    • Rock’n’Roll: Try or AirBnB and go for more adventurous accommodations. Each part of the city has its own name; the areas closest and most convenient to Harvard Square include: Lower Allston, Central Square, Porter Square, Davis Square, Kendall Square. These metro stops are also not too far off the beaten path: Charles MGH, Park Street, Downtown Crossing. Note that Boston/Cambridge is a fairly small, compact city overall with a good public transportation system. It’s not hard at all to get around here. There’s also Uber’s-a-plenty.

Other Questions

  • Do you need me to send in physical postcards/posters: No.
    • Can I? Please don’t. Feel free to bring some to the fest, but know that our hospitality table and the venue in which it sits are super tiny. There’s also basically no wall space for posters. Sorry!
  • I have merch I want to sell at the festival. Is that possible? Possibly. Let us know what you had in mind. We have a dedicated merch table inside the theater throughout the festival. Shoot a message over to:
  • If I send in a thumbdrive, can I get it back? Yes. Be sure to ask; they’ll hook you up. If you forget to ask, it will go to a good home.
  • What if I have other questions? Ask away at!