About Us

BUFF is an annual film festival held in late March.
BUFF is located at the Brattle Theatre.

BUFF is a celebration of the bizarre and insane.
BUFF is uncompromising, unflinching film/video.
BUFF is the only fest to award a demonic bunny.
BUFF is hazardous to your health.

BUFF is hoping you will come and check us out.

Artistic Director » Kevin Monahan
Director of Programming » Nicole McControversy
Media Director » Bryan McKay
Technical Directors » Phil Healy & Adam Van Voorhis
Volunteer Coordinators » Rebekah Murphy & Jozef Kluczkiewicz
In-Kind Sponsorship Coordinator » Shannen Ortale
Special Events Coordinators » Georgia Young & Melinda Green
Social Media Team » Dede Crimmins & Leslie Adams
Advertising Coordinator » Jeff Salisbury
Programming Team » Evrim Ersoy, Chris Hallock, Jozef Kluczkiewicz, Nicole McControversy, Bryan McKay, Kevin Monahan, Rebekah Murphy, Shannen Ortale, Georgia Young

To contact the staff, please send an email to info [at]

The Boston Underground Film Festival began its life as an all-night film marathon run by founder David Kleiler and longtime festival pal Dima Ballin. This informal event quickly grew into the first annual Boston Underground Film Festival held at the Revolving Museum in South Boston. Programmer Bernard Broginart described this first annual gathering as “a wonderful hoax of a film festival.” We’d like to think that things have come a long way since then.

BUFF had a rocky adolescence. Though bolstered by a wonderful staff and enthusiastic supporters, the festival had a tough time putting down roots. But BUFF soldiered on through all the icky and strange stages of development with a strong lineup of bizarre and insane little films, eager to spring them on an unwitting public.

Scampering mischeviously from venue to venue — screening films in places as diverse as the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes in Jamaica Plain to the now-defunct Allston Cinema Underground — the festival picked up momentum. After years of being buried under the toxic waste of popular culture, BUFF had mutated into a twisted underground force to be reckoned with.

Under the direction of the current staff — Artistic Director Kevin Monahan, Director of Programming Nicole McControversy and Media Director Bryan McKay — BUFF found its way home to the historic Brattle Theatre, where it has resided since 2012.

Viva la révolution underground!